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FIM's Philosophy

Transparency. Liquidity. Accessibility.

We work with you to create long-term solutions for your investment needs.  Based on a thorough understanding of your mission, values and resources, our goal is to help you strengthen your financial position and respond to new challenges and opportunities.


Our investment process is based on a transparent and continual dialogue with your leadership, board members, and portfolio managers. By drawing on our experience, strategic asset allocation capabilities, and proven research expertise, we can create personalized investment portfolios and financial guidance tailored to your organization’s role in The United Methodist Church. Our investment team utilizes our extensive due diligence process, carefully evaluating the returns, risks, and costs of various investments/managers before arriving at the right investments for your portfolio.


Management Styles

Our active management funds are designed to create portfolios that respond to evolving opportunities and risks in today’s global markets.  Our passive management funds track indexes and retain our strict screening process.  This allows us to provide good diversification, and low turnover and low management fees. These combined management strategies help us focus on maximizing your portfolio’s long-term success.



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