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Our Staff

Our Staff

Ehren Congdon, 


Ehren Congdon, Foundation Investment Management’s President, came to the organization in 2016 with a desire to use his knowledge and skills to serve a higher mission. Previously, Ehren spent fourteen years as a Financial Planner, working with businesses, colleges, universities, and many individuals.  His goal was always to help his clients make the right decisions about their money. 


Ehren believes that the Foundations and Agencies of the United Methodist Church are essential to the church and is proud to serve them.


Ehren centers his investment management philosophy in the fundamentals of an efficient market but also knows that we need to be good stewards of the gifts we have been given.  This is the reason why he works with each group - to make sure that their investment portfolio accurately reflects their goals.


Ehren lives in Nashville with his wife Caitlin and three children.  He is a member of McKendree United Methodist Church and serves on the Staff Parish Relations Committee.  Ehren was also a member of the Tennessee State Board of Economics and Finance.  


He attended the Boston University Institute of Finance, where he completed the Certified Financial Planner program and completed his undergraduate degree at Western Kentucky University.

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