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Institutional investing, just like individual investing, should be personal. FIM is committed to offering a personalized approach to institutional investing. Just as you sit down with your own personal financial planner, FIM first learns about your organization's goals and needs. By knowing what you hope to accomplish, we tailor investments to your needs. We handle the investing so you can accomplish the vital work of your ministries. 


We make it easy for you to focus on your mission with meaningful investment management, timely report delivery, and simplified online access.


With our 19-year history, FIM has the connectional background to help align your UMC institution’s goals with the mission of The United Methodist Church - building congregations for generations to come.


By investing with us, you are investing in the future of The United Methodist Church.

NEWS: Exponential Growth for Investors

January 19, 2022:

Foundation Investment Management (FIM), a strategic asset manager of The United Methodist Church, reports that 2021 year end performance and returns for its customers have resulted in industry-surpassing returns on investments. FIM’s proprietary and detailed strategy relating to the Methodist Socially Principled (MSP) and Methodist Socially Principled+ (MSP+) funds enabled the asset manager to experience exceptional growth last year: final reports for 2021 disclose growth of 17.15% for MSP and 15.82% for MSP+. These returns are exceptional, surpassing industry standards, and are nearly double the returns of other national United Methodist investment asset managers for 2021. FIM has maintained its focus on growth for its investors for the past 23 years and foresees continued positive momentum. In addition to the forecast future growth, FIM has lowered its fee structure for the MSP and MSP+ funds.


In the summer of 2021, with the aforementioned growth of FIM’s passive funds and volatility in the market, the FIM Board of Directors of FIMelected in its summer 2021 meeting to switch its Passive Balanced and Passive Balanced+ Fund invested funds to Methodist Socially Principled (MSP) and Methodist Socially Principled+ Funds. The newly-minted Methodist Socially Principled Fund lineup are index-style balanced investments that adheres to The United Methodist Church’s Social Principles. What this means for those investing with FIM is that the funds provide access to index-style investments with organizations whose business products are in line with the social principles of The United Methodist Church, which places FIM in a unique position within the denomination.  


Ehren Congdon, President of FIM, said, “Foundation Investment Management is pleased to be able to offer our new Methodist Socially Principled Fund lineup to the connection, and are more than pleased with our current results. We have worked with our investment managers to create investments that meet the needs of The United Methodist Church and realize exceptional performance that exceeds investors’ expectations. We will continue to innovate and provide our partners with the services that help them reach their financial goals.”


How We Adhere to Social Principals

We screen companies to ensure compliance with the UMC’s socially responsible investment policy. You can feel comfortable that any offerings fall in line with the social principals of The United Methodist Church. 


We provide true portfolio customization -offering  the ability to choose a tailored mix of investments to help account holders reach their goals.

Choose Investments Wisely With Our Help


How Our Partnership Benefits You

We partner with Merrill Lynch, a global leader in investment analysis and management, who consults on the assets that make up our funds, to provide you the best opportunities the market can offer. 



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