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Meet FIM

UMC Foundation Investment Management is built on a solid foundation of stewardship and generosity—reflected in our mission.  Started in 2000 as the United Methodist Church Foundation, we collaborated with agencies, foundations, and institutions of The United Methodist Church, with a faithful calling and commitment to creating a better world.  At the time, The United Methodist Church Foundation had two main functions: to work with partners to create lasting financial legacies through gifts and endowments and to invest and manage those funds. 


In 2014, the fundraising and gift development component of the Foundation separated from the investment management division.  With investment management becoming our primary focus, our team now concentrates on offering expert institutional investment management with innovative, personalized service.


The UMC Foundation Investment Management was thus established. 

Our History
Our Mission

UMC Financial Investment Management brings a unique level of service, skill, and knowledge to the missional and asset management needs of United Methodist agencies, foundations, and institutions to help fund ministry and secure the future.

Not leaving behind its faithful Wesleyan pledge to 'do all the good you can,' UMC Foundation Investment Management is initiating a missional way of engaging its clients in strategic investments for the future of their respective ministries. " 

-Moses Kumar, General Secretary of GCFA

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