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Correction to Foundation Investment Management Press Release


Foundation Investment Management

1 Music Circle North

Nashville, TN 37203


February 25, 2022

Contact: Ehren Congdon


Nashville, Tennessee – In a press release issued by Foundation Investment Management (FIM) on February 24, 2022, a misstatement was made. FIM, in its report of outstanding 2021 performance, stated it was the first denomination wide fund to adhere to the social principles. While FIM does this, most all investment firms working with United Methodist investments adhere to the social principles. The statement should have read “FIM offers passive balanced investment funds that adhere to the United Methodist social principles in its investment practices.” FIM reported exceptional growth in 2021 that surpassed their benchmarks. FIM’s Methodist Socially Principled (MSP) and Methodist Socially Principled+ (MSP+) funds achieved significant growth last year of 17.15% for MSP and 15.82% for MSP+. And we will continue to focus on future growth. Ehren Congdon, President of FIM, said, “Foundation Investment Management regrets the misstatement in the previous press release. We have corrected that statement and look forward to working diligently for our investor clients.” To learn more about Methodist Socially Principled Funds, contact FIM President Ehren Congdon at or 615-369-2410. You can also see our market outlook by visiting

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Foundation Investment Management is an asset management firm serving to fulfill the investment needs of United Methodist agencies, foundations, and institutions to help fund ministry and secure the future. To learn more about Foundation Investment Management visit


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