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Foundation Investment Management’s Fund Strategy Outperforms in the Market Downturn


Foundation Investment Management

1908 Grand Avenue

Nashville, TN 37212


October 7, 2022

Contact: Ehren Congdon


Nashville, Tennessee - At a Board of Directors Meeting held October 6, 2022, Foundation Investment Management reported that their Indexed Investments have stood up well to the market downturn on a relative basis, beating out benchmarks and providing stability for their clients during this time of volatility.

Foundation Investment Management announces that all market-based Funds outperformed market benchmarks for the current quarter. Although returns are in line with the overall market downturn, the Methodist Socially Principled (MSP) Fund outperformed its benchmark by 4.78% in the last year. The Methodist Socially Principled Plus (MSP+) Fund and the Equity Fund also outperformed their market benchmarks for the third quarter, as well as year-to-date.

“Foundation Investment Management’s unique hybrid investment process means that sector allocations are made by our investment manager (e.g., S&P mid-cap value) and then these allocations are tracked passively. This allows organizations to benefit from the best of active and passive management approaches,” said Vasanth Victor, Chair of FIM’s Board of Directors and President of the CF&A of the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

In addition to news regarding FIM’s solid performance, the Board received a report regarding updated participation in FIM’s new Money Market Fund. This investment vehicle offers access to a low cost, extremely safe short term money market fund that provides the connection with an excellent liquidity option with no add-on management fees.

FIM President Ehren Congdon said of the Money Market Fund, “We are so pleased to offer this exclusive vehicle to The Connection. Knowing you have liquidity in volatile markets serves as its own peace of mind.”

To learn more about Methodist Socially Principled Funds, contact FIM President Ehren Congdon at or 615-369-2410. You can also see our market outlook by visiting

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Foundation Investment Management is an asset management firm serving to fulfill the investment needs of United Methodist agencies, foundations, and institutions to help fund ministry and secure the future. To learn more about Foundation Investment Management visit


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