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  • Has The United Methodist Church Foundation changed their name?
    Yes! As of October 1, 2018, The United Methodist Church Foundation will be known as Foundation Investment Management. Our new name and look does not change how we operate. This re-branding appropriately reflects the work that we have done over the past nineteen years and what we will continue to do. The legal name will continue to be The United Methodist Church Foundation.
  • Is the mission of Foundation Investment Management different from that of The United Methodist Church Foundation?
    No. The mission of Foundation Investment Management continues to be the same as it has been for the past nineteen years. Since 1999, we have helped to manage the invested assets of the General Agencies, Foundations and other entities of The United Methodist Church. We will continue to develop and administer planned gifts, endowment funds and funds held in trust for United Methodist causes. We are and will remain a United Methodist Church Foundation.
  • Is Foundation Investment Management going to be competing with Foundations?
    No! We do not work directly with Annual Conferences, churches or endowments that can best be served by other Foundations. Our goal is to provide the best and most innovative investment solutions to help General Agencies and UMC Foundations succeed in their mission. It serves no one to undermine Foundations by capturing the accounts that fund their mission.
  • Does Foundation Investment Management have new investment offerings?
    Yes. In addition to our Balanced, Balanced +, Equity, Small/Mid Cap Growth, Small/Mid Cap Value, International Equity, Fixed Income portfolios, we will be introducing a series of screened funds, similar to Exchange Traded Funds that track market indexes, offering passive investing at very low costs. We have also upgraded our liquid, Short-Term Fixed account to offer a very attractive yield.
  • Is Foundation Investment Management doing the same thing as Wespath?
    Similar, but not the same. Being a foundation allows us to understand the needs of other foundations. Having a diverse portfolio is the key to investment success and we believe that having a choice in your investment managers is equally important. Foundation Investment Management will continue to offer personalized, innovative investments, at a low cost, providing those we serve, the means to succeed.
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